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Universal design (in Norwegian: UU) are legally required policies regarding usability, meaning that all technological solutions can be used by as many people in society as possible, regardless of disability. To achieve this, we need to take people with different disabilities into consideration when designing e.g. applications, ticket vending machines or ATMs, or as in this project; UU public webpages.


The Norwegian Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi) is responsible for monitoring whether universal design regulations are met online and in public services. Their web pages provide information about § 14 in the Anti-Discrimination and Accessibility Act and the regulations that legislate universal design of information and communication technology (ICT) in Norway.


Providing information and guidance material about various societal services to the public is one of the main tasks for Difi. Their web pages give information about what, why and how private market actors and public institutions can provide services that have a universal design.


Visit Difi’s web page for more information.

All illustrations and animated videos are made by Tank Design.

Difi's web page shown on a computer screen



The new web pages make it a lot easier for the target group (private market actors and public institutions) to find the information they needed about Universal Design, understand it and apply it to their own web pages and services.

Difi's web page shown on a computer screen


Halogen delivered the concept, information architecture, interaction design and graphic design on the web pages. The web pages follow all the principles for universal design, of course.

About client

The Norwegian Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi) was established January 2008. Difi has about 240 employees with offices in Leikanger and Oslo. Difi is responsible for monitoring whether regulations of universal design are met. Their mission is to renew the public sector.