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Gyldendal judicial data is an encyclopedia for legal professionals, containing over 100.000 legal source documents. The encyclopedia is the very core of Gyldendal judicial data’s business. Redesigning this service aimed to further strengthen Gyldendal judicial data’s position as a trustworthy and credible market leader, innovating to make products more adapted to customer needs.



Gyldendal judicial data was launched in a beta version in June 2014. In addition to big changes in the design, the technical solutions were profoundly altered. The result was an effective digital tool and encyclopedia simplifying the work process of legal professionals.

IPad and laptop showing Gyldendal's juridical data's web page


We started the project with a major research phase where we conducted multiple interviews with users, performed user tests and observed and mapped the target group’s work processes, uncovering the most severe deficiencies of the original service. Based on this insight we designed a new digital tool.


Amongst many other features, the tool is personalized to every single user, can abstract references from articles, and has a new information architecture making it easier to find correct legal sources. The solution also has a new graphic expression with a subtler color palette with new typography giving better readability.


Throughout the entire design process, we involved legal professionals, conducted several user tests and organized meetings in order to test and evaluate the structure and design.


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Gyldendal judicial data provides judicial legal data with digital source tools. This is a tool for legal professionals, in both the public and private sector, who are in need of updated legal sources, practical documents and relevant literature.

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