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    Redesign and new web solution


Kolumbus is responsible for all public transport, both bus and express ferry traffic, in Rogaland county in Western Norway. Kolumbus wanted to redesign their web page and launch a new web solution – MyPage – for their customers.



The new design and web solution MyPage was launched in 2015. MyPage is a self-service solution where the customer can purchase tickets and travel cards, while providing customer service. This has enabled Kolumbus to reach their business goals in an efficient way.


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Laptop with Columbus' web page open


We made the concept, functionality and design for the new self-service solution: MyPage. We also did the redesign of Kolumbus’ web page and implemented a new digital profile.

An iterative design process was used, focusing on simple intuitive navigation in order to create a better user experience. When redesigning the web page, the page was upgraded with a new style, carefully kept in accordance with the Kolumbus’ brand.


In order to improve the user experience, we tested the web solution on various users during the development phase.


To optimize the functionality of the new web solution, we mapped the user needs in a pre-project. By having a service design perspective throughout the project we could see all of Kolumbus’ services, digital platforms and touch points as one entity, with which the customer would interact with and create a relationship with.


Furthermore, we advised on the process related to the page structure, entailing migrating content to the new web solution. The solution is developed in EPiServer in cooperation with GETA, a technical supplier.


Both the redesigned web page and new web solution are responsive. Additionally, the self-service solution MyPage meets all accessibility requirements.

IPhone showing the use of Kolumbus' travel planner on the go.

About client

Kolumbus is responsible for all public transport in Rogaland county. Kolumbus was established in 2002 and has about 50 employees. From Monday to Friday Kolumbus has 85.000 daily registered travelers. Kolumbus has a total of 450 buses, 10 express ferry boats and 3 ferries at their disposal.